Saturday, August 7, 2010

Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder - The Review

I know its late, but better late then never.

The Snowspeeder is one of my dream toy when I was a kid. It took 20-odd years for that dream to come true.
I must say Hasbro's 2010 Snowspeeder is one of the best looking toys I've seen. The detail, paneling & gimmick is up to par with todays sophisticated toys.
It does look too clean, which I might do the wash effect just like I did on Aayla's starfighter.

The gunner, Dack Ralter. Soon to be squashed by the AT-AT

Too bad the lower flaps are fix.


Stickers applied to cockpit.

Access panel.

Air brakes.

"Alright boys. Keep tight now."

"Rogue group. Use your harpoons & tow cables.
Go for the legs, it might be our only chance to stopping it".

If you are a Star Wars fan, & you're a toy collector, this is a must have toy for 2010.
All I need now is to find Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder pilot. If there is any.


  1. wowww!!! superb!!! with dialog..nice pic bro n cool setup ;)

  2. cool! got mine as well eheheheheh... ;)

  3. Cool pics and comics bro rafys! Now u gotta find S'speeder Luke....eBay's the answer! Poor Dack's gonna be alone for a while....LOL.

    Btw, I like ur customisation work on Aayla's fighter. Do post more pics when u're done with the Snowspeeder.

  4. The pics is tempting me to get a Snowspeeder too...haha

  5. This is a nice review. You never mention those who sit at the back of the cockpit normally got killed? LOL