Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Otacool 3

Otacool is the 1st English/Japanese language book that introduces readers to the world of otaku's.
Publish by Kotobukiya in collaboration with, it gathers photos from members in the website for all things otaku.

The 1st Otacool, Worldwide Otaku Rooms, shows the room in which otaku from all over the world display & live with their figurine, models (mainly Gundams) and toys.
Otacool 2 show cosplays from all over the world.

The 3rd installment shows the workplace of otaku's, where they work, study and even sleeps.
Since I missed the submission for the 1st publication, & I don't do cosplays, I thought why not submit my workplace.

Hotwheels! Represent y'all!

I should have submitted bigbosstoy's Sharum workplace also. His workplace is wicked!

It was fun doing it, seeing readers reaction and comments on your workplace.
Hey, the very least my workplace is tidy.


  1. i got 18" Hellboy on my work desk. hoho

  2. beb..your toys n workplace in OTACOOL ;)

  3. OTACOOOOOOOOOL ! Congrat Eli..u going global now!