Thursday, September 2, 2010

Transformers: Hunt for the Decepticons Leader Class - Starscream

This has been in the market for quite sometime & it is one of two of the leader class for the Hunt for the Decepticons 2010 toyline.
The other is, of course, Optimus Prime battle damage version.

Most, if not all, of the HFTD packaging are yellow. Its skinnier than the ROTF package & has a lot of tying wire.



The alt. mod feels solid as all of the parts fits & hold well. A plus there.
However, the robot parts/kibble are evidently shown but blends well in vehicle form.

Missiles & launcher tuck beneath the plane.
Although one of the missile is somewhat lose.

Missile launcher.

Right arm - Concealed gatling gun.

Left arm - Concealed rockets.

Transforming it is a blast. It manage to capture the design from the movie quite well.
The parts feels rigid & the ratchet joints is solid.
The articulation is superb apart from the waist & hands.

Able to place missile & launcher on back in robot mode.

"Your wish is my command, o mighty Megatron."

Of all the Transformers character, Starscream is one of my favorite.
I fell in love with this design when I first say the trailer for the 1st movie.
I'm glad that Hasbro released this one.

Takara plans to release Starscream as a Masterpiece version without the Cybertronian tattoo sometime this year.
Will the build quality will be better than this?


  1. superb starscream!!! quite detail n nice pics

  2. Awesome & handsome TF figure ! Congart
    And also nice pic.