Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-Raya Hauls : Mags & Hot Wheels.

I start to get interested in collecting the "DC Comics Super Hero Collection" when I purchased the 1st issue. All thanks to cowboy75, saruman & The Rebel for the introduction, and poison.
So I went to a local bookstore & got the 2nd issue, Superman.

Batman : "I'm Batman."

For those who already starting collecting or have purchased the figurines, it is hand painted lead which is quite hefty in weight.
Since it is hand painted, each individual figurine is different. You have to look at each one to see for defect in painting.

Batman : "I'm Batman."
Superman : "We know!!"

Got this at the local mall, the GTX wave. It seems it has been on th rack for a while & all the good one are, obviously, taken.

Browsing around TrU, I found another Snowspeeder tucked behind the shelves along with the numbers of Cloud Cars & Jedi Starfighters.
This will be kept as MISB & the one I already have will be customize for battle damage.


  1. Haha....I just got my Supes aka Eaglemoss #2 at MPH this morning're right, we really have to look carefully at each of the figurines....I received a poorly painted Superman at first, but I quickly asked the counter person to give me a few, so I had the opportunity to pick the best one....heheh.

    Nice move on getting urself a 2nd Snowspeeder!

  2. Congrats on your Supes. Same story as mine, saw the one on the shelf a bit sloppy, ask the store assistant for another batch.

    Thanks. Got my brush & paints ready. Let's wash!