Friday, June 15, 2012

Its been long since I've wrote/upload something in this so called blog. A lot of goodies have been acquired through out this year, played with and stored/displayed. What I didn't have is time & place to do the photoshoot.

So I thought I have to post something because, well frankly speaking, I missed posting the blog.

Here's a few diecast miniature cars which I thought is cool. I know those out there would look at these & thought "This guy just got them?", but its still a good find.

Pics after jump.

# 50 - Lotus Exige S
The colour is, different. Overall, meh.

# 67 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
I have (I think) another Evo X, but the door doesn't open. Has a nice Mitsubishi logo at the back & front.
Overall nice cast.

# 94 - Nissan GT-R
I love the colour on this. The red tail lights is bright read and the decals is nicely detailed.
Overall, a very nice detail cast.

Oh, btw, the pics are taken with me iPhone. Ok-lah

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