Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flightpose Display Stand

Flightpose is an acrylic display stand consisting 3 acrylic rods and base. Rubber bumpers at each end of the rods grips the vehicles & prevents scuffing.

It comes in 2.5", 4" and 6" long rods, and what I bought is the 4".
If you have all the sizes, you can combine them to pose even figures.


It is meant to pose flying vehicles of any scale, providing you have the appropriate rod length. The base is thick & has a heft to it, and it also have rubber nub underneath the base for extra grip & stability.


I got this from a local online store, for around RM80.00 for the 4".
To know more about Flightpose, jump to here.
It's certainly looks nice & will change the way you display your collection. I will definately get the other 2.
Highly recommended.

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