Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harry Posto! : The Complete 1-8 Film Collection - Limited Numbered Edition

Harry Potter : The Complete 1-8 Film Collection - Limited Numbered Edition.

Its been a while since I've updated the blog, and I've got a few toys & blu-rays which I didn't have time to photograph properly for the blog.
This entry however, imho, must be posted.

The boxset contains 19 disc, blu-ray & dvd, along with a photobook much like Harry's photo album which he received from Hagrid in year 1.

For a special 'numbered edition', I feels as if the set isn't so special. It feels as if it was lazily done.
The DVD's are taken straight from the normal dvd sets, and the box lid does not have a magnet or whatnot to close firmly.
However, the digipack is nicely done with a brief summary of the story for each year, great artwork too.
So basically, the perks in getting this boxset is the 19 disc blu-ray/dvd and the photobook. Other than that, its just a normal Harry Potter blu-ray.
Disappointingly, it is said that there will be a "Definitive COllection Set" end of next year which is rumored to have the extended edition.   

Oh, btw, this is how the parcel was when I recieved it.
There was a small dent to the boxset, but it was hardly noticeable-ish.

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