Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dark Of The Moon Voyager Class Megatron

This is my first DOTM voyager class which I think is extremely cool.
Although it is a bit small, much smaller than deluxe class, the mold on him is stunningly detailed.

I only manage to find the Takara Tomy's version as it is the only version/released in the market. The paint quality are said to be similar to Hasbro's.

The point between the truck & the trailer can be turn at a certain degree. How awesome is that?!
Oh, and I painted the MACK logo on the grill.
There's a 'Mechtech' port on top of the truck cab, or in this case, his back. 
The fusion cannon cum claw.
A face only The Fallen would love. Alas, he is dead.
Ala comeinye Megatron. Malu-malu plak.
The cape are made from a hard flexible rubber (or a flexible rubbery plastic).
 "Now we meet the truth all I wanted back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?"
Can't wait for the leader class, and I hope its wouldn't be a disappointment.


  1. Awesome!!!!!!! I'm gonna get it too! (the question is only WHEN?)

  2. Mantap..!!!! But i wait for Leader Class.

  3. Hi Rafy ,

    Pitty for him.Megatron with serious damages on the face.
    It really look alike nowaday figure detailing are just amazing.


    Cheers :)


  4. warrgh! Yet to get any of those DOTM figurine!! Aiming for the Sentinel prime BUT the price.....!!!wow!!