Thursday, July 28, 2011

1/32 2008 Super GT GT500 #17 Real NSX

That's a mouthful.
I don't know much about Super GT, as I didn't have the chance to follow them.
I even missed every race that I wish I could go too even if it was held right here in Malaysia.
But damn those cars are cool.

Of all the models/make, the late Honda NSX looks the coolest. Its low & sleek silhouette make it look as if it is slithering on the race track.

This one here is from 'Bugzees', first time heard 'bout 'em, which produces Super GT model cars.

One thing to notice is the intricate details of the very, very tiny decals/stickers around the car. They even have decals/stickers on the spoke of the rims!

Credit to Mr. Saruman for bringing it in.