Monday, July 4, 2011

Figma Mirai Suenaga

This is kinda a late entry for Mirai, and my blog, as she's already been in the market for some time now.
Anyway, Mirai Suenaga is Danny Choo's brainchild and 'ambassador' to Danny's extensive coverage on Goodsmile Company manage to secure Mirai as one of the figma family.
Not much o' accessories that comes with it. It has a crying face, a laptop, a right-hand-holding-a-camera, a left-hand-holding-a-handkerchief, a teeny tiny Mirai dollfie, and a few alternate hands.

Konichiwa. My name is Mirai. Let me give you a brief tour

You already seen the front of the package, this here is the back.

I come with a few accessories.

One of them is this camera. Let me take a few pictures for the blog. *click*
I also comes with this laptop. 

This is what I look like from the right side,

and this is my left. 

This here is my Mini-Me. Thihihi.
Kawai desu ne? Subarashi desu!
If you can't afford a dollfie like the one Danny have, then get yourself Mirai's figma.
Ja, matta ne, & thanks for stopping by.