Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Toys : 1/6 War Machine

War! Huh!
What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Unless if its the 1/6th scale Variable Threat Response Battle Suit a.k.a War Machine from Iron Man 2.
Entered Malaysian shores end of last month & the 1st batch sold out in a day.
Worn by Colonel James Rupert Rhodes or Rhodey, it was a reversed engineered Mark II which was 'taken' by him from Stark and modified with the help of Justin Hammer. Most notable differences are the weapons add-on courtesy of Hammer Industries which includes the M134 7362mm mini gun, FN F2000 assault rifles, and of course Justin Hammer's Eiffel tower, his Rachmaninoff, his Pieta; The Ex-Wife.

Some who already has this fine collectible would complain on some of the detail that are missing. Noticeably the Air Force emblem on the left arm & a few letters & numbers. Word around the web says that it may because Hot Toys didn't have the rights to print them on their toys. I guess we wouldn't expect 1/6 Hammer Drones from HT anytime soon.

Content includes :
1/6 War Machine.
Crotch stand.
1 pair grasp hand.
1 pair semi-grasp hand.
1 pair open palm.
1 pair hand with articulated fingers.
Don Cheadle's head sculpt with detachable faceplate.
2x FN F2000 assault rifles.
1x M134 7362mm mini gun.
1x The Ex-Wife.

M134 7362mm mini gun.HT made a mistake with the instruction on attaching the ammunition belt. The flat surface should be facing up & not the other way around.
The Ex-Wife
Rocket/missile pod.
FN F2000 Assault Rifles.
Jet thrusters.
Jet boots.

I'm happy with the effort in the details HT put on this toy/collectibles. Colour scheme is excellent, gun detail, and they did an 'ok' job on Don Cheadle's head sculpt.
A few issues I have is the LED lighting for the head. It is brightest when you look at it head on. Any other angle and you loose the effect.
Articulation still not perfect (can't do the salute) but you still able to pose most of the battle scenes.

If you are a movie fan, an Iron Man fan, a 1/6 fan & a toy collector, then you should have pre-ordered the 1/6th scale Variable Threat Response Battle Suit a.k.a War Machine from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark VI - Part I & Part II



  2. Haha! Anytime.
    Er, wanna me do review on your Beserker? hihihihiiihihi.....

  3. Very awesome. any plans to get mk IV or mk VI?

  4. rafys... eheheheh no thanks! ;)

  5. adussss!!! my eyes! help2!!! superb beb n cool pic.. u must hav mark VI.partner WM ;) PO now

  6. @ C.R. : Mk IV, no. Mk VI, hell yes!

  7. oii....gilerrkk ahhh....bdarah idooOong....!!

  8. @kown : Mk VI PO'd! Can't wait next year!!!

    @hansgarage : kalo ko layan HToys, bkn stakat idong, internal bleeding terus!

  9. makkk aiiii cuuunnn kapowww..buummbanngg...meleleehhh kown musti jeless nii ha ha apa lg.ha ha

  10. me too can't wait nxt year..but my WM nxt week maa smpai :(