Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark VI - Part I Unboxing

This is my first battle damage, and there's a lot of parts & panels for this 1/6 figure. Will have to post in two parts for this.
For this I'll be reviewing the 'clean version' along with some of it gimmicks.

Like other Iron Man II Hot Toys series, it comes with a glossy sleeve. Me no like. 
The parts & panels are packed nicely and surprisingly fit inside the standard size packaging. Which makes the box quite hefty. 

1st tray.

A very nice looking sculpt, as usual.

2nd tray.

3rd tray. Stand & 'extra special figure stand'.

Online, sir.
Shoulder mounted micro munition pod.
Wrist laser.
Flare pods.
Forearm rockets.

Initial thoughts on this figure is a mix bag. Its highly detailed, lots of gimmicks and features. Although I can't help feeling that it feels cheap, plasticky.
I say this because unlike War Machine, it feels too light. It isn't as hefty as WM is. Then again I understand due to the waist mechanism that enable the figure bends and twist its torso, it feels hollow. But thats just me.
Overall, Its an awesome haul and Hot Toys has yet again did a fine toy. Wonder if they'll be coming up with Whiplash Mark II?

Next on Part II (link), I'll be covering Mark VI in battle damage mode.


  1. u know who...dislike thins like this...hahaha

  2. i like pic no 10.. jarvis? online sir.. cool bebb l0l

  3. Thank you, thank you all.
    Still struggling to get the lighting right. Lots of trial & error.

    @ h a n g a r a j : Come, join the 1/6-scale side of the force.

  4. Love this one m8, nice pics, keep it up!

  5. This is so Hot and I love your photos!

  6. @ C Rafael : Thanks. Will do.

    @ EbonyNicole30 : Thank you. You have an interesting & cool collection yourself. :)

  7. Hi there - I just wanted to thank you for posting the pics of the trays - I just bought this from an eBay seller and was concerned by a couple of empty slots - your pics helped me be sure that I had in fact received everything!

    Great blog!