Sunday, November 7, 2010

Posto Anthology.

It is said to be the mu-th-ur of all blu-ray, the Alien Anthology is a 6 disc is a must have for blu-ray, high-def and alien fans.

Facehuggers, chestbusters & the ever so sexy alien queen makes it comeback in a 1080p. Now, you can watch the Nostromo in high def detail.

Initially went for, but when I saw how cheap it is in, I had to pre-order it.
Oh, fyi, I bought it for only RM180.
Its daylight robbery.

Packaging has the metallic-foil like look which glistens under bright light.
Looks amazing, but its hard to take photos without having a big white reflective glare on the pics.

I agree.

Movies purchased from UK are known by the age classification on the box set, which is a bummer for me.
The US version, however, has a clean graphics on the packaging.

The disc holder spreads out revealing Giger's Alien graphic.

Manual on how to use the Mu-th-ur mode.

The 4 discs of the featured film & 2 making of disc.

You have to clear your weekend schedule to go through the anthology.
The hours in it is massive!

For blu-ray & high def fans, this is the must have for your movie collection.

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