Saturday, November 20, 2010

1/60 Scale Macross Zero QF-2200D-B Ghost Booster - Part 2

This is the continuation from Part 1.

Installing the booster is easy.
It only takes two pegs from the flip-down wing canard and slotting the wings to the two rudders, & it fits very well.
I hold the VF-0S vertically & upside down and it still attaches itself snuggly.

It gives quite a weight to the rear, but thats actually a plus to the transformation as it provide as a counterbalance when in Gerwalk mode.

Where's the Battroid conversion?
I not that of a fan, so I didn't bother, nor the time, to transform it.
If I have time, I'll might put it up.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Nice!! But I want the Battroid!!!! :D

  2. Thx. Okey, you've twisted me arm. 1 Battroid mode, coming up!

    She's a beaut' alright. Look really nice with a stand.

  3. finally partII is coming.. very nice pic n transform bro.. teracun plak :P

  4. Demn nice! is there available for 1/48 scale?

  5. Nope, & I doubt Yamato will be making 'em.