Sunday, November 21, 2010

Figma King Kazma Review

The Anime.
Summer Wars is a 2009 science fiction anime directed by Mamoru Hosoda & produced by Madhouse.
Set in a territory governed by a clan in Ueda, the film's focuses on Kenji Kaiso, a timid 11th grade math genius who was falsely implicated in hacking the virtual world of Oz (no, not the one with the yellow brick road), & with the help of upper-classman Natsuki Shinohara's extensive family, they must find a way to save the real world & the world of Oz.

King Kazma is one of the avatar from Oz's world owned by Kazuma Ikezawa, a 13 year old netgame warrior champion.
It takes form of a human like rabbit that seriously kicks ass.

The figures are wrapped rather well to prevent paint sticking to the packaging. It has two trays, one for the figure & the the other is for the accessories.
Instruction wise, you have instruction on how to change the figures' face on one of the flap of the box & a piece of paper showing how to attach the banner to the figure. Thats it.
It also has a cut-out from the box that can be attached to a Di:Stage.

Attaching the stand that comes with the figure.

This is Kenji Kaiso's temporary avatar after his original were taken by a AI program called Love Machine. Figma's Love Machine will be release sometime next month, or early next year.
Yes, its a squirrel.
Theres no articulation, just the figure & stand. It does have a hefty weight to it though.

Come together with a zip lock bag for storing all the accessories. A plus.
Thank you Max Factory.

Figma's line of toy figures are mostly, if not all, characters from Japanese anime.
The paint job is beautiful, has a lot of range in articulation and build quality is good. Theres a lot of flexible soft plastic to cater the articulation which you can pose the toy as in the film.
It is beautifully done & reminiscent of the anime, which anime lover should watch.


  1. bad ass and adorable at the same time.
    congrat on getting 'em dude. hohohoho

  2. Thx.
    They do know how to make a character cute & deadly.

  3. I gave this a miss actually due to budget but it is really a good looking figure.

  4. Awesomeness!!!! I will find time to watch the anime... but afraid teracun dgn toys dia plak!!!!

  5. It is awesome.
    The are store, if still available, that sell 'em cheaper than what I ought.

    @saruman :
    Knowing you're a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan, I propose you get the Rei Ayanami's New Theatrical Ver. figma next year.
    That is a MUST GET.

  6. @ Rafys: Hmmm that's hard to resist!!!

  7. Wow, I like this anime quite much n being searching awhile for those figures. Where did you get it? Cool.