Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seven 11.

Heard from comrades & bloggers of a massive restock on 7E, which happened 2 days ago, hence the hunting commenced.
Target : Speed Machine.

Not in this line-up is the '07 Ford Shelby GT500 (black with red stripes) & the red Enzo Ferrari, which I've already secured from my comrade Kown.

And here's a little bonus in the form of a rat.


  1. wowwww..very cool SM n TH.. mclaren n evo superb!!!

  2. my nOse bleed...jus lookin at this pic...

  3. there is SM mopar viper in this wave restock in 7E. but it's only 1 pc per carton of 18 cars so it's kinda harder to get cause each 7E only received 12 SM cars.