Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bentley Continental GT - Matchbox vs Takara Tomy

Found the Macthbox Bentley during hunting at 7E's today.
So I thought I compare them side by side, Matchbox vs Takara Tomy, the American vs the Japanese, which one looks best.

Matchbox's looks cluttered with all the stickers at the front.

Like the reg. plate at the rear.

I must say Takara Tomy did a good job in terms the mold and colour selection. Less stickers on the car makes it look smart and tidy.
The only downside of any Tomy cars is, of course, the wheels.


  1. yuppp..the wheels is not in scale..but 4 me still ok ;)

  2. button wheels are just not acceptable to me at this age and I dont have time to swap or change the wheels!!!!!!