Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minority Posto!

I predicted it would arrive.

Precogs, sick-stick, iris recognition, drive-less cars, those are a few that will be coming to a future near you.
Minority Report is considered as a movie that would show thing that will be in the near future.
The hand/finger gesture on a holographic screen are actually being developed on future smart phone.

The sleeve comes with a 3d picture of the blu ray cover.

Imprint on the disc resembles that of Star Trek blu ray.

The Spielbergs speaks, on the future.

I was worried about the quality of the video at 1st, but since it has received the "Spielberg-approved HD Master", I guess I shouldn't worry much.
Its a great detective, philosophical action flick with great casts & memorable scenes that prompt me to pre-ordered the blu ray once its ready for sale.
Its a must haves for movie buffs.
You could check out the blu ray review here.


  1. brad pitt in his glory days. hope his knight and day doesnt suck

  2. um...was Brad in this movie...?

  3. *sigh*... tak mampu dah nk lyn blu-ray... tunggu murah2 kt Buy and Sell je.. terlebih focus on toys eheheheh :) But this movie is of course a must have!

  4. True that, saruman.

    It would be 1 blu ray a month, but committed to toys & such.

  5. Asrul....Brad is in the movie??? Really? Or did ya mean Colin Farrell?

    Amazon has some really cool deals when it comes to blu ray...SO WORTH IT if you can wait. I got my Inglourious Basterds blu-ray PLUS DVD copy for only USD15.99 the other day.....bayangkan? Over here its not only has also been cut by FINAS!

  6. I fisrt saw Collin in MReport.

    Yeay They're having sale right now (date of post), so grab 'em while its cheap!