Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To boldly POSTO! where no man has POSTO! before. POSTO! arrived today.

This time its the Star Trek (2009) blu-ray.
Consist of 3 disc plus a digital copy.
I purchased this wonderful 3 disc blu-ray for only RM100.00! Its a steal!!
Normal 01 nos. disc blu-ray retails here in M'sia is around RM110 to RM160.
The only offset is that you have to wait 3 weeks for the shipping.

Only for XBOX360!! Wtf!

Made in the land of jalapenos and sombrebos.

I'm no Trekker, but this is a must see for sci-fi fans.
For the full blu-ray review, click here.


  1. Cool man!!...worth it..3 piece of DVD blue-ray !!

  2. Very much worth it.
    Doesn't matter if its blu-ray or dvd, this is a must have to your movie collection.