Sunday, May 9, 2010

HW 1/43 Batmobile & MBXs (Going-to-the-movie haul)

So, I was, like, went to see a movie, its Iron Man 2, and it was like, awesome.
Then I went, like, to MPH, and I found cool cars. So I was, like, wooah.
Then I went to Parkson to, like, look for Hot Wheels and such, but I went, woooah, because I found the new wave 1/43 Batman stuff.
So, I like, bought em, which is like, cool.

The Bat-pod, Batboat & Batcyle.

The cool cars like, I found and, I bought.....

Audi TT Roadster.

From the Brits, Mini & Double Decker

This car needs no introduction.

The movie is ok la.
Simple plot, but lots of action, which is like, awesome.
Thanks to the cast & effect, this movie gets a thumbs up.
I'll definitely PO the blu-ray, and I can't wait for my HT War Machine to arrive.


  1. You POed WAR-MACHINE!! its, like, I didn't know already :)

  2. kene belilah action figure War Machine

  3. but ending iron man 2 action skjp bila lwn dgn wiplash

  4. terbaik......gonnna hunt drOp-tOp Audi TT

  5. You like Iron Man? Get the figure.
    ESPECIALLY WMachine.

    Will there be a trilogy..?