Friday, April 23, 2010

Star Wars - Complete Cross Section.

So I was arould KL's city centre & I thought I pay a visit to a bookstore.
It is then I found this particular book, & finding this is like finding a THunt.
So, ok, you might find this at any major bookstore, if they still have some left.

Looking at the pullout is like looking at as smut mag.

Reminds me of a certain toy by Kotabukiya.

A great table book.
The artist has gone into lengthy details from how the interior of the AT-TE would look like & how would the X-Wing vertically takes off.

Another use for this book is as a reference for my future Star Wars model build.


  1. Great informative book for SW collector !!
    How much bro?? Can borrow for photocopy aaa...heheh

  2. yup seen it b4 with cowboy and An, great book and a great buy!

  3. Can photocopy, but have to wait a few years....hihihi.
    Price is RM1++.00, donno if still have stock.

  4. wah!!!! ada section maaa.....

  5. yipesss...looks like Haynes Manual for SnOwSpeeder

  6. superb book, tapi rege dia mahal sgt???

  7. Salam Master Jedi ;-)
    Mmg best buku tu tp klu dpt yg separate by episode mcm lg menarik sbb gambar dia besar-besar.Nak tanya sikit bleh tak?
    Aku dah ada 4 buku cross-section:
    Episode 1 - Buildings
    Episode 1 - Vehicles
    Episode 2 - Vehicles
    Episode 3 - Vehicles
    Aku tercari-cari Episode 4,5,6 Vehicles.Kat kedai nko beli tu ada tak?

  8. W'salam, Master Birudamai.
    Query you have, hmmm?

    (Theres a bunch of 'em?!!)
    I got this off a trolley, before they place them on the shelf. SO, I wouldn't know.

    "Incredible Cross-Sections of Star Wars, Episodes IV, V & VI: The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Vehicles and Spacecraft."?
    Hard to say if still has it in M'sia.
    As always, you could check the world wide web.
    Their ISBN's are :
    ISBN-10: 0789434806
    ISBN-13: 978-0789434807

    If I found them (unless if they only have 1 copy, then sori bro...hihihi), I'll give you a holler.

  9. TQ Master Rafys for your help & efforts :-)