Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star Wars Vehicle Collection 3 - (Set of 6) Trading Figure

Part 3 from F-Toys.
My second set can be found here.
This time, the hatch for the X-Wing (just like the 1st set) & Jedi Starfighter can be open to reveal its cocpit.


The 1st set, which I don't have, also has the X-Wing fighter, but that was Red 5. This is Red 2, Wedge's X-Wing.

Landing gear & its doors.

TIE-INTERCEPTOR (Mystery price)


Pity the wings cannot fold down/up.



TRADE FEDERATION AAT (Armored Assault Tank)

Hmmm... Maybe I should bought few more of these to make a diorama.

I must say I'm a bit disappointed that the X-Wing is too clean.
Overall the paint, colours and molds on these models are very nicely detailed.

Fine Mold came out with a 1/144 M.Falcon, & I'm betting that it goes well with these F-Toys. Hmmm....

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