Saturday, April 3, 2010

Matchbox's & Hot Wheels - April Weekend Hauls

Ok, so I heard Tesco Kajang restocked their HW, so I grab my shopping bag & went huting.
Here are the spoils.

Black greenish matt colour.

Also found this at at Tesco Kajang.

While these are from Mr Art.

Now I got all three colours.

Lovely, lovely tampo.

These are from Giant Kajang.
With this one in the bag, 2010 Race World Speedway is now completed.

Can't wait for the Speed Machine variant.

Went to Amcorp flea market, & this is what I bought from Mr. Art who opened a table.
Congrats on your sale.
Dodge viper, only obtained 1 colour variant.


The hunt is not yet over, for this month.
The elusive 370Z still roams free......


  1. Some of MyNEWS are not selling HWs anymore, so I have stop looking there.. but looks like in kajang they are still game! cool... mini, nsx, dodge XP, Wow! And the cabin fever looks really realy cool!

  2. cute mini.. i hav too...rare HW's...

  3. wah, memang rajin ar pegi beli. hohoho.
    a true car collector. nice.

  4. Dah teracun......bisa dia kuat sgt.

  5. that mini and cabin fever is very very hard to find. :) that cabin fever is a car carrier too!

  6. Yup. My hands are itching to open up the cabbin' fever & flip them ramps.....