Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hot Wheels 370Z & K&N Challenger

Finally found the 370Z & K&N Challenger.
Thus my hunt (this month/week) is complete.
T'was a heart wrenching, sad & tiring hunt, but perseverance paid off.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Gotcha!
Alas, tampo is a bit sloppy.

This has a very, very cool tampo. I wonder if they'll do it to other cars...

Hood can open to reveal engine.

One down, 3 to go.

The real Splitback.

Never thought I go for this....loaf(?)

After thoroughly looking at the cast, I went "Hmm...interesting." So I took it.

The green & yellow hypermarket are still having buy-3-get-1-free promo, & the price is still cheap.

Well, that's all, folks.
Arigato gozai masu.


  1. rajin tol mencari...
    more toys, more fun

  2. hw ni kena rajin sikit baru leh dapat kete cantek@. hehe.

  3. Ala, tu pun stakat 5km radius, & with the help of other bloggers, & the support from me wifey.

    No pain, no glory. etc, etc, etc......

  4. cool... still looking for the 370Z.. any extra for me? ;)

  5. wow!!!with a great toyer's link, the hunting become more easier...let's hunt more !!!!

  6. cool nissan 370Z...i want!!!!

  7. @ Saruman : There are extra's, somewhere out there, on the rack, at Giant/parkson/JJ.

    @ cowboy75 : Those links are one of the many sources for toy hunters, along with insider information (which I don't have, by the way) & peers (still grateful for your info on TRU's Ecto restock at KLCC).

    If anything, just tell me where a place will restock, & I might haul them for yous' guys.