Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Transformer Alternity : Cliff a.k.a Cliffjumper

His mission; beat up "Deceptor-creeps". He has the 'shoot first, questions later' attitude & tends to rush into thing, impatient sometimes but gets the job done.

The signature Alternity box. Great for display, but these toys are meant to be played with.

Of all the Alternity line, this has the most beautiful paint job.


Click to view.

The arsenals.

He has the 'I don't care who I hurt, as long as it is Dececti-creeps' look.

Most people thought the chest are too big when it was first introduce, but don't be fooled.
It's actually smaller up close.

The engineering done to this toy (and other Alternity's Transformer) are brilliantly done.
Its bloody cool......!

One would ponder whether to get Cliff or Bumblebee. Although Bumblebee's character is a must have when collecting Transformer, you couldn't go wrong with this one.
Apart from a different head sculpt, the plus point for Cliff is definitely the glittering paint job.


  1. Wow! Finally u bought them! super nice!

  2. Yeah, 'bout time.
    Bought 'em at TWiz.
    Next on the line is Starscream & Skywarp as a car.
    A Mitsuoka Orochi to be exact.

    Bumbleebee out of stock, but on the fence whether to get him or not.
    March 31,

  3. Nice! Would this be in scale with Henkeis? I'm not sure...

  4. Thnx.
    I believe its slightly bigger if not the same as a normal Henkei/Classic.

  5. must not miss any alternity releases! :p

  6. cool pics bro...yesterday i go BTS..time machines hav a black color...

  7. Thnx. I just bounced the flash.
    That must be either Optimus Prime GT-R, or Megatron 370Z (diamond black colour).

    Rare item & knowing time machine, must be bloody expensive.

  8. I already stop TF line... (not!)