Monday, January 25, 2010

1st Hauls of 2010

These are my somewhat massive hauls for 1 quarters of 2010 that I consider a must get.

Revoltech's VF-1A
- Cool transformable Valkarie from Revoltech. Sure, its not as uber cool as Yamato's, but it can do poses as any Revoltech would.
There are 5 designs in total, & I might not get 'em all. : P

Transformer Human Alliance Barricade.
- A MUST GET if you already has the HA Bumblebee. The car mode is spot on, & the robot mode is better than the Voyager class.
I didn't go for HA Skidd b'cause he looks to fat, & I neither did I get HA Sideswipe 'cause the robot mode looks funny.

Will do a blog/review on it soon.

Lightning Base for Gundam.
- From Bandai, a base that lights up. Comes in blue & red. Bought this for my 1/100 Red Astray clear edition.
Thought it would look cool to see the Gundam's inner body glows red.
It didn't. Especially if you rooms too bright.......
It can combine with the action base for 1/100 which I think is cool.


  1. that is a superhuman haul!!! massive! ;)

  2. Nice haul bro! I almost surrendered to my evils last week...hampir terbeli gak Barricade HA tu! Heheheh...mmg smart....

  3. perghhh !!! good start for 2010, but we want moreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  4. You got the touch, you got the get yourself a HA Barricade!!

    There will be more to come......once I have more money!!