Friday, January 15, 2010


is an emotional experience for me.The movies starts off with the story of Carl and Ellie. Growing up together as a budding couple from their childhood to becoming husband and wife.
It shows their ups & down until a heart wrenching scene where Ellie dies of old age.
Those scene alone makes my lips quiver & my eyes water. 'sniff'


The package itself is quite heavy, weighing 0.24kg................. : P
It consists of :
- 2 blu-ray disc (feature film, bonuses)- 1 feature DVD (maybe so that you could play it at a friends/parents/grandparents DVD player)
- 1 digital copy for tour iPhone etc.

There is a story related to UP.
It is a story of a young Colby Curtin, who was ill with a terminal cancer, & her last dying wish was to see UP before she dies.
The family contacted PIXAR of her request, and their employees sends her a DVD (which was not yet released) for a private screening along with goodies from UP.
She was to weak to open her eyes to see the movie that her mother had to described to her every scene.She lost to cancer 7 hours later at age 10. :' (


UP is a worthy collection to your movie library. Be it a blu-ray or DVD's, the story itself is exciting, heart wrenching and fun to see.
It is considered to be the best movie of the year (2009).
A must watch for the movie, and a must get for the blu-ray(or DVD).

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