Friday, September 30, 2011

S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger

Tiger & Bunny is an anime series that tells the stories of people with super powers call NEXT. These 'Heroes' works for a Hero TV that shows them crime fighting & who ever catches the bad guys get points. The one with the most amount of points would be the MVP.
You could check out about the anime in their wiki here.

This here is one of the protagonist, Wild Tiger.

The content.
Base/Stand comparison between the Tamashii Stage Act.

Grappling line pistol thingy.
"Good Luck Mode!"
Knuckle on steroids.

Product placement on Wild Tiger's amour, SoftBanks & S.H Figuart.

I was taken back by the hefty price, as expected with any other Japanese toys. But the detail are wonderfully done & it is quite heavy for its size. The weight is mainly because some joints and the legs is diecast.
Hope I could get Bunny when it comes out.


  1. Nice Tiger Robot ...we want more !!!!

  2. saw the comic kat kedai buku..dunno if got anime? best ke citer dia ek

  3. @ cowboy75 :
    Actualy, dia ni mcm Ayeng Man, a man in a super suit.

    @ Shaz :
    I didn't know there's a manga! Until now.
    It came out as an anime 1st & rasanye yg ko tgk tu is a one-shot manga.