Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mon*Star's Thundercats Cameo

I was watching the latest episode (eps 7) of the new Thundercats, 'Legacy', when I saw a somewhat familiar face, MonStar.
Also made a cameo appearance are the Tigersharks.

Those who is an 80's kid would know Mon*Star as the villain from Silverhawks, the one eye mob-boss that rides a giant squid. Just like Mumm-Ra, he transform into a superbeing by reciting "Moonstar of Limbo. Give me the Might, the Muscle, the Menace, of MON*STA!!"
Then he rides the squid.

Although my memory of Tigershark is somewhat a blur. I've seen one or two episode but not enough to burn the image into me mind.

Seeing this, one thing that comes into my mind; a Silverhawk reboot, maybe. Then again this episode is somewhat a flashback to tell the story of how the Swords of Omen was created, and why Mumm-Ra is so obsessed in getting the sword & The Eye of Thundera.

The new Thundercats got mixed review. Some afraid that just like the original, it is a marketing ploy to sell their toys. Hmmm.......
Of all the episodes so far, I can say that this episode is the best thus far.

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