Friday, September 10, 2010

RG 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam : WIP #01

This kit is to commemorate Gundam's 30th anniversary & to mimic the 1/1 scale RX-78-2 at Shizuoka.

Been excited about this kit ever since it was announced few months ago.
I'm not a fan of 1/144 scale gunplas mainly because of its articulation & details are not as good as an MG. Yes, there are a few that came out with better articulation, but none came close in detail than the RG.

RG or Real Grade is a grade higher than HGUC in 1/144 scale. Theres a lot of parts that make up for the panels etc. Its like building an MG (Master Grade) but in smaller scale.

Contents. Lots of runners for a 1/144 scale.

Few molds combine to make up one part on a runner/sprue.
These are the hands. Fingers are bendable.

This part is the legs.

RX-78-2 frame.

Foil stickers. Need to be very delicate.

Using a toothpick to smooth out the stickers.

Core Fighter, done.

Right arm, done.

For this particular kit, I won't be painting the parts.
Next up will be the stickers/decals & panel lining.

*WIP : Work In Progress


  1. Yup.
    Progress on & off.
    The build is relatively simple, only need to find & balance time to do it.

  2. Im also still taking my own sweet time to put this model kit. It is very enjoyable. :)

  3. 90% completed.
    All that's left is the wash & stickers.

  4. kemon bro,da siap??aku nye lom siap,gatal repaint balik,hahahaa

  5. Pergh! Rajinnye pain.
    Tp ok gak, since kecil je.
    Apa tah lg wet decal dah ada di pasaran.

    Nnti post your RG kat blog!!!

  6. ok bro...will try to finish as soon as i can...wet decal da ada?kne cari nih,thnks bro