Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iPhone 4 Launch 23rd Sept. 2010

This is what I saw when I opened my e-mail this morning, an invitation for the new iPhone 4 launch this 23rd September 2010.
Click to see plan.

Initially I was stoked to see the rates somewhat similar (cheaper?) to the 3GS & iPhone's price is less than I initially expected (kira within budget la).

There are dissatisfaction over the plan offered as it mainly caters for new iPhone 4 owners and not to the current 3GS owners who wants to upgrade their current iPhone. Upgrading their current plan still requires them to pay extra.
The iPhone 4-owner-hopefuls (fingers crossed) received an email notifying of the launch & your intention to book a spot to attend the launch.
There's the Pre-Launch, Midnight Launch & Day Launch which will take place at The Gardens Hotel & Residence starting on the 23rd to 25th Sept.
The Pre & Midnight launch are already booked, so that left me with the Day Launch.

There is a concern with the launch is that the Bumper case does not come with the package.
For those who haven't follow the iPhone 4's news etc, there is a design flaw with the phone whereby if holding it 'incorrectly', you would get a signal drop.
Hence, Apple has agreed to give out free Bumpers to new iPhone 4 users.

The thing is, theres a lot of alternative smartphones out there in the market that rivals the iPhone.
Most of them are good.
It all comes down to user preferences to which phone that would fit your lifestyle.

Well see in a few days how Digi would present their plan.

iPhone 4 bumper sold here is USD41.00. Although you can get imitations at only USD12.00 to USD15.00.


  1. Pass!!! xde line maxis kt Sg Pusu ahahah! :D

  2. Haha.
    A valid reason.

    Digi? Kalo ada, angkat.

  3. saving my money on the new n3ds. hohohoho