Friday, July 30, 2010

Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder - Unboxing

1st of, I like to thank the big daddy of toys, bigdaddytoys, for obtaining this selling-like-hotcake toy for me.

Ladies & gents, I give you the unboxing of the Luke Skywalker's Snowpeeder.
Hasbro's latest line up.
My gripe; the Clone trooper on the design of the box. It should be Stormtroopers.

Simple packaging, no tying wire. Goooood.

Interchangeable firing laser (missile) barrel with movie accurate (sorta') laser.

Pop off power converter & access panel to reveal circuitry.

Interchangeable harpoon & tow cable with movie accurate (again sorta') harpoon.

Stickers for cockpit.

The diorama. Very nice drawing.

I notice this when I was looking/inspecting the Snowspeeder.
Apparently some Bantha poodo at the assembly line screwed it too hard that the screw head worn off.
He/She was trying to line up the panel, but when it didn't fit properly, he/she forced the screw in. If you look very closely, you can actually see the defect.

Oh well, screw it. Just a minor defect.

Stay tune for the close up review.


  1. Unfortunately no.
    I'll be getting them though, before I'll do a full review.
    Dack's figurine (the gunner that sits behind Luke) is one of the new line-ups.

  2. woww..superb!!! cn't wait to see the close up review..hohoo :P