Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Patriot XPorter XT - USB Flash Drive

I'm feeling patriotic today.

I love gadgets.
So much so that during my studies, friends called me 'Gadget Boy'.

Its one of the fastest pen drive / USB flash drive thats in the market benchmarking at 28.7MB/s average speed and 10MB/s of write speed. Normal flash drive offers 10 to 16MB/s average speed.

The only drawback that I see in the design, imho, is that the cap might become loose in time. I really do like the ruggedness, waterproof feature & the raised XT design of the flash drive itself.

The price of high speed flash drives (or other any flash drive for that matter) are now getting cheaper.
My Kingston Hyper X flash drive with the same capacity used to be RM90 (USD28). Now you can get it at half the cost.

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