Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laptop; R.I.P?

Crashed, again.

This time I believe its the hard drive. 'Cause I got the '0200' error when startup, & trying to recover the OS ends up rebooting the laptop.

There was tell tales that the hard drive is about to fail when it made the 'clicky click' sound. I hoped it was nothing, but the inevitable happened.

Ironically, the laptops warranty ends this month. A sign for a new laptop, maybe.....?

I'll try by swapping the HDD with one of my external HDD later this evening, & hopefully I can salvage some, if not, most of the data on it.
Good thing I backed-up most of the data on my ext-hard drives.
There may be hope yet!!
Gambare masu!!


  1. Tribute to ur laptop !!
    from factory it came, to dumb truck it go...!!
    Farewell my fren, my ur next life will be great !!

  2. *sniff*...That was beautiful....