Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPhone 4 set in August 2010

Apple are known to change varients to its product particularly with their iPhone and iPods.
iPhone change every year since 2007, and now in 2010 its the iPhone 4.
I'm not surprise if they came up with the iPhoe 4G & the iPhone 4GS later on.

Some might not favour the squarish, bulkiness of of the new design.
It does look brick-ish, but it has front and back glass as housing.

A few of its enhancement from previous iPhones :

- Multitasking.
- Front & back glass housing.
- Bigger battery.
- Larger screen pixel via 'Retina technology' display.
- Larger megapixel camera with LED light.
- Video calls using wifi.
and many more.

Yes, these technology are already existed on current mobile smartphone, but they aren't as reliable, beautifully made (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) and functions well.

Expected to arrive in Malaysia this August.

For those who wanted to get an iPhone, this is it (or you could wait 1 more year until Apple comes up with an upgrade version).
Those who already have the previous version, and the display is busted, this is the time for an upgrade.

Price for Malaysia still unknown, but 2 likely telcos has already set to sell them this 2nd half of 2010. Just hope it doesn't reach the RM3k mark.


  1. Il'l stick with the original iphone, its a classic already! ;)

  2. wowww!!.. nice design.. yup i agree with u statement they came up with the iPhone 4G & the iPhone 4GS later on.. S just for speed ;)

  3. i'll just wait for 4sg hahahaha...
    almost bought the 3gs month ago. but cansel after i heard this new model.