Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hot Wheels Speed Machine Wave 3 (Part Deux) - Complete!

After intense hunting (yes, I've been hunting HW) to 10 (or more) differeng 7-Eleven's, I've finally completed the 3rd wave of Hot Wheels' Speed Machine for 2010.
2 of which thanks to 'Pa'an' for finding the Tesla & the Jag.

According to the SM list on the back of the cards & blogs, there will be one more wave to get.

Not much of a favourite, this.

The Caymen. The car that doesn't know which one is front, & which is back.
If you look closely enough (not from this photo, sorry) you can actually see the 'PORSCHE DESIGN. EDITION 1' just like the pic's on the card.

The Jag. Driven by Davis Coulthard, perhaps?

The Skyline. The one thats hard to get,
and I got it!!!
Found this at 7-E's @ BTS.

Drossel was kind enough to be a show girl.

Never thought that I would go HW hunting. I've heard about it & the 1st thing that comes to mind is exhaustion & frustration.
I was right.
But I then realise why we hunt; the joy of the catch. Whether its the THunts/$, or the elusive rare item from the mainline, when you got something that no one has or invoke jealousy of the highest magnitude, you know that all the sweat & blood (ok, not the blood) was worth it.

I have become a 'Hunter'.

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  1. Welcome to where the hunters become the hunted!! (When someone got what u want and u couldn't find it anywhere!.. - errr... I want the GT-R!.. see what I mean, now I'm hunted!)