Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot Wheels Speed Machine Wave 3 & Other Hauls

So, I kinda found out that the third wave came out so I went hunting.
At first I went to Metrojaya, TRU & J/Jasco at Midvalley.
Then I went to 5(five) different 7-E's around my neighbourhood in PJ.
Lo & behold, I'm nearing completion of the wave 3 of Speed Machine!

7-Eleven's are having a promo/sale on Hot Wheel & Matchbox's' mainline & introducing the Speed Machine line. They arrive 2 days ago at most 7-E's (correct me if I'm wrong) & most of the favourites are gone, particularly the Skyline GT-R & Porsche 911GT3.

Ford GT LM & Saleen S7

Scirocco GT24 & Ferrari 333SP

Lamborghini Reventon & Porsche 911 GT3 Road

Mainline vs Speed Machine.

I also manage to get the new & old cars from the dark recess of 7-E's storage room.

Nearly bought the 3-pack just to get the Ford GT LM.
Missing the black Datsun.

Humna-humna Hummer H3. Nice representation.

You really need to ask the attendants to have a look at the stocks at the back to see all the good stuff.


  1. Cool.. but no Thunts/Thunt$???

  2. Adaaa....... Tp dah dpt kat org lain.
    Thunts/$ 1st day dah kene sapu. Licin. Gone. Zip. Yilek!
    Btw, your Reventon is ready for collection, whenever you're ready.

    Speed Machine tinggal Tesla, Skyline GTR & Porsche Cayman (if not mistaken).