Saturday, December 12, 2009

FineMolds 1/72nd Scale Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

This is the continuation from my previous entry here.
I couldn't finish earlier 'cause I only manage to work on the kit only on weekends.

Intended to build Red 5, but ended up building Red 2. All because I didn't see the diagrham properly.
The kit also includes a tiny astro droid, but I didn't bother assembling 'cause I was concetrating more on the X-wing.

Dry fit. To see how it would look later on.

Engine 'wash'. Giving it the grime & oily look to the kit.

The kit comes with decals, but I opt to paint the marking for effect.
I then use a hobby knife to scratch the marking to give it the wear & tear look.

A detailed kit from FineMold, & they have done a great job replicating the X-wing.
From the detail panel to the decals for the astro mechs, this kit is a must have for plamo-Star Wars fan.


  1. nice bro !! Not bad for QS job ..hahahaah

  2. Should I change profession, maybe...? Hihi.

    Rasanya boleh diperbaiki/ditingkatkan lagi.
    Next project; 1/60 perfect grade Gundam!

  3. yes u should, u should be a starfighter pilot!!

  4. wow....nice paint job bro..should gv u some of my unpaint PATLABORs..hehehhe