Friday, October 16, 2009

1/60 Scale Macross VF-1S - Low Visibility Version

Its finally here!
After months of waiting, I finally got the long awaited 1/60 Scale Macross VF-1S - Low Visibility Version from YAMATO.
There's already a Low Visibility version, but that is for the 1/48 scale.

PO'ed at XL last June & it sold out on August. This is my 2nd Yamato & my 1st VF & I must say, I'm starting to like the 1/60 Macross series.

Yamato seems to discard the flip up window on the new toyline.
To cut production cost, maybe?

Also bought the Mighty Block display stand.

The manual is full with b&w photos, detailing the transformation, stickers placement & how to use the option parts given.
The option parts are a pair of hands & 3 brackets for the display stand.

The stickers are unnecessary. It'll give a lot of extra detail (No Step, Caution, etc) & customisation to the VF, but the VF looks awesome even without it.

Worth clicking on the pictures.

Package includes:
- 1 VF-1S
- 1 pilot
- 1 Pair of fix hands
- 1 Pair intake cover
- 1 Gunpod
- 4 Missile cluster
- 4 Missile launcher
- 3 display bracket

With the fighter/gerwalk display bracket attached.

I always wondered why Yamato's VF line is expensive, now I know why.
The detail & engineering put into the toy is spectacular.

Will I buy another VF (like the VF-19 maybe)?


  1. yeah bro...u should buy another vf19...after that poisoned me with it..arghhhhh...i want it too

  2. Wow! super duper cool... fuhhh tak thn tgk, nangis....

  3. Dammm!! Super cool dude ! Bump this toys & 2 thumbs up.

  4. Nice mecha! I enjoyed Macross and Robotech when they first aired during the 80s dulu! sadly I was never tempted to purchase any of them (yet!!!)....

    How much was this bro? I heard they cld be costly........

  5. Yes, very nice. My prrrrrrecioussss.

    Got this PO price, RM3++.00.
    Retail around RM4++.00. The one with the super pack is a big expensive, RM4++ to RM7++.