Saturday, September 26, 2009

Armor Plus - Ex-Gear Alto Saotome version.

Armor Plus - Ex-Gear Alto Saotome from Bandai, is a poseable figure that comes with a removable body amour/power suit that doubles as a part of the VF-25 cockpit.

Parts consist of plastic, soft plastic & diecast at the sheen of the amour. The armour consist of 10 parts with 4 sets of hands with 1 extra hand grip for the rifle.

From the Box - The Extended Gear System is a new piece of equipment that function both as a cockpit and a lightweight powered suit during bail-out that is officially used by the VF-25 series. It is equipped with a small jet engine and variable wings for flight. Etc, etc, etc............

The figure itself is highly poseable, but with the armour on, the figure poseability becomes very, very restricted.

Helmet visor is a see thru, if you look closely enough.

It has a display stand for both armour mode & cockpit mode, which is a plus.

Overall, its a nice figure homage to the Macross Frontier series.
You have to be patience, though, to put on the armour particularly the shoulder armour as the shoulder pad on the figure snap off very easily.


  1. looking fabulous.
    congrat on getting it.


  2. u r 1 die hard macross fan bro

  3. No, just a fan.
    My fav is of course Macross/Robotech.

    If I was a diehard fan, dah beralmari koleksi Macross.