Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hot Wheels 2011 - Early October Haul

Its been a while since I posted anything Hot Wheels. I guess it might be due to the lack of wanted cars on the pegs which resulted in me less hunting.
Anyway, this here seems to be me lucky day.
Got this at a local hypermarket. Can't/Don't remember which wave, but I believe its the Coronet Super Bee wave.

 Finally got the new Mini & Ken Block's Focus. Not to mention the Skyline R32 & the Civic.


  1. Hi Rafys ,

    What a great Lamb. Gallardo superleggera and i hope to get one also in 1:43 green colour.

    "Great Bull in White"

    Cheers :)


  2. I like Ken Block very much but too bad his Ford is not latest Gymkhana 5 model/painting. The Lamb. Gallardo looks so cool.