Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1:18 Back To The Future DeLorean

"The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"

I was poisoned by a fellow toya, cowboy75, for his 1:43 BTTF DeLorean collection. Then saruman poison me more by telling that the 1:18 from Sunstar would look even cooler.
He was right. I looiiiiike.

The body is diecast, giving the stainless steel effect of the real DeLorean. This also give the car a hefty weight.
Due to this, though, the driver side gull wing door starts to feel loose. 

If I were to nit picking, I would say the detail on the cables, detailing on the nuclear reactor & the interior isn't perfect. Flash mold can be seen throughout the detailing & the paint is somewhat lacking.
Then again, the price is justifiable.
Overall I'm proud to have this time machine in my collection.


  1. wowww..superb car n superb next PO movie car..ecto-1 scale 1:18 from hws ;)

  2. gettin myself a in control...gotta avoid this.........swerve...!!!

  3. @ kown : Thx. I may settle for the 1:43 scale.

    @ boyarque : Thx. I though of touching up the detailing a bit.

    @ saruman : Um....

    @ h a n g a r a j : Oh no! You steering came off! You cannot swerve, & you gonna crash head on!!

  4. Damm zuperb nice!! I want it too!!!

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