Saturday, February 5, 2011

Transformers Masterpiece MP-09 - Rodimus Convoy [REVIEW]

Transformers fan should know him. Young one would say, "Thats not Hot Rod. Where's his bow? Why does his face look funny, & old? How come he has a winnebago?".
We old timer knows him from G1 Transformers. A hot blooded hot shot that inherits the Matrix Of Leadership while fighting Galvatron inside Unicron.
Well, thats how I known him.


Takara Tomy finally manage to produced Hot Rodimus (or Hot Rod) & Rodimus Convoy (or Rodimus Prime) not as two separate line, but as one.

There seems to be QC issues for this MP09. It may differs from one batch to another, but thankfully, mine isn't so much. The only problem is getting the alignment right 1st time. Panel falls off but easily snapped back together.
I'm nick picking here, but I found paint smudges on some parts of the figure, and the backpack is hard to stay pegged.
Telescopic goggles (not lit up).
Transforming hand to buzz saw or plasma weld.
Attached buzz saw & plasma weld.

"If you gonna' ride, Daniel. Ride in style."

I only transformed it once & its a nightmare. Getting things to align, especially the arms & legs requires multiple tries. But when you understand where the pegs should go & how the parts should formed, then it should be a breeze.
Car mode is spot on similar to the animation. Me likey....

Opened cockpit.
Comparison with Binaltech Hot Rodimus.

"Arise Rodimus Prime."
Transforming to Rodimus Convoy requires 2 steps; 1) the face lift 2) extending the hip joint.

Face lift, Matrix reverse therapy.

Theres a small tabs to attach the blasters to the hands, but not that securely.
Blasters to plasma rifle.

The teeny weeny Matrix of Leadership.

The trailer mode looks awesome! Requires a few turns to the cab, its exhaust piping & sliding it into the trailer.

Pressing the top button of the trailer pops open the compartment. Houses the huge canon & compartments for the two blasters, buzz saw & plasma weld attachment.

Buzz saw & plasma weld compartment.

 I couldn't compare with the other Masterpice line, but I believe that the figure could be better. Transforming MP09 Rodimus Convoy is a nightmare at first, but the purpose of a toy/figure is to play with it. Understand your particular toy/figure to find that sweet spot on how the legs should go to fit the pegs just right. You will end up with a feeling of satisfaction & a smile on your face.
No toys/figure is perfect. Transformers from Takara Tomy are known for its good QC & exquisite paint job, but misalignment, paint smudges & loose panels to some degree hinders this toy/figure getting a high score.
Its a love hate relationship with this figure, and fortunately I loved it.

Now, where can I find MP04?


  1. Super cool colorful robot!!
    i think they should call him M&M Rodimus!!

  2. Awesome! Reminds me of my younger days and looks like it's worth every cents paid! Congrats!

  3. Good review my friend. I was excited when they announced that they were doing a Hot Rod Masterpiece (he was my favorite character from the 80's movie) but was on the fence. Now I'm definitely getting it.

  4. @cowboy75
    Melt in your hands, not in your mouth.

    Thank. Now I need to find Optimus (& some money).

    Thanks. Hope yours would have a better QC than the others that have already got this.

  5. Hi bro, nice review and great haul! But i've heard reports of other buyers having their Rodimus broken in their true is that?

  6. @ boyarque
    It's true, so far. If you were to search the web & youtube, there's a few that does 'disintegrated' in their hands.

    It may depend on the production batch or maybe its the design itself.
    Thankfully, mine is still 'intact' knock/banging on wood).


  7. Hi Rafys ,

    Brillant collection , introduction , photos & most of all is a transformmer.
    Wow!!! Just fantatic.



  8. @Kin.
    Thank you. I just like share my interest in toys.
    Hope my review to be better by seeing other blogs out there.