Thursday, January 27, 2011

Once upon a hunt.....

Went to the JJ at the pointy shopping center in Sunway & I got these fellow.

Then I saw these, 

and even before I could open my mouth, the sale ass. told me that its not for sale yet, as there is no price tag on in.
When I asked him when will it be on the rack he answered,
"This Thursday. Er, I mean, before Sunday."
Then he go on to say that the cars can only be displayed once it got the manager's stamp & approval.
Stamp? I showed him the HW's I got and asked him to show wheres the stamp is.

He stayed silent.
"Can I see your manager?" I asked.
He promptly answered,
"He's not in.", not paying attention to me even the slightest.

All this while I asked politely & even with a smile.
Before I left, I took the pic of the boxes to show you guys.
I also believe that most 'greens' are already 'extracted' from the boxes.

So I moved on to my next objective which was to get the zip lock bags for the loose cars.
Picked up this Boxter at the RM5.00 store.


  1. aiyooo.. cn't open mehhh..that 1 is wave THcamaro 2010..should be hav ecto-1

  2. I want Ecto-1!!! Please get 1 for me if you see that in the series!

  3. QQH is not ecto-1 wave ler... =.="

    if the box already opened, then no point argue with them anymore especially in JJ....

  4. Nice stuff you got there bro..

    QQH is Impala Wave.. You might be lucky is TH$ is inside..
    Anyway,the insider there very powerful.. She controls all the HWs in Jusco Sunway and IOI.. Nora if not mistaken the name...

  5. nice.... and who's that Nora working for???? I mean the scalper she's working for???