Monday, January 3, 2011

Evangelion PC Jacket for iPhone 4

No toys today,  but iPhone 4 stuff.
I've been using the original iPhone 4 bumper for quite some time now & it is both reliable and durable.
I figured I want to preserve the condition of the bumper so I thought I get iPhone jackets. Just for looks.

Browsing around the web, I found this anime 'collectible goods'.
Made from polycarbonate, or plastic resin, its design based on the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition movie.
It also comes with the plugsuit design of Rei, Asuka & Mari with thier respective number (0, 2 & 5).
Design is simple, which I like, with the NERV emblem in the middle.


The jacket is somewhat flush with the screen. So placing your iPhone 4 face down is a no-no.
Its a finger print, & oil, magnet & of course, prone to scratches.
Another thing I notice is that its a tight fit. So having some sort of protective backing, depends on how thick, could be problematic.
Overall, it looks nice & it does give a little protection to your iPhone.

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