Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

Pre-ordered from few weeks back & it finally arrived yesterday. Took about 5 days via DHL, considering it has to stop at Honk Kong for sorting & stuff.
I'm a happy camper.
Yup, I self collect.
Played the 1st Dead Space & it scared the sh!t out of me. Developed by EA Redwood Shore (now known as Viceral Games), this survival horror game manage to capture the scary sight & sound of a stricken mining spaceship infested with alien zombies.

Content Consist of 
- The Dead Space 2 game along with Dead Space Extraction.
- Original soundtrack. 
- A small replica Plasma cutter.
- Concept art 'lithograph'
- Downloadable Zealot Gun & suit.
I also received a promotional code via email from for Dead Space Ignition.
Manual is in black & white.
Foil cover sleeve & box.


 There seems to be a lot of disappointed DS2 C'sE owners especially on the cutter. Its to small. the LED should be blue but instead its green, & even the type of material used feels cheap. You even have to buy the batteries separately. I'm not to bothered by it because I think it does look cool & this will go primarily on the shelf for display. 


Collector's Edition isn't as extensive as any other CE I've seen out there, but with the price I paid its seems reasonable. 
Dead Space 2 is by far the most scariest survival horror games out there. If you like adventure & need a different adrenaline rush, Dead Space is for you.

Next, Mass Effect 2, maybe?


  1. hmmmm.... let's hope the game is really really really good!

  2. Oh its gooood. Really good.
    I'm half way through my diapers already.

  3. Any chance you can post a picture of the Collector's Edition soundtrack cover? There are not a lot of good pictures of that of the 'net.

  4. Hmmm...I can try & scan them. I'll post the pic on this page soon.