Thursday, December 2, 2010

Square Enix Play Arts [Kai] Halo : Reach - Vol. 1

Halo : Reach.
An awesome first person shooter game for Xbox 360 which you play as Noble Six fighting off the alien Covenent on the planet colony of Reach.
Square Enix were given the license to produce these fine figure with the Play Arts [Kai]. These 1st volume, consist of Noble Six, Jun and Emile.

Made of steel & soft plastic, the figures has a very good range of articulation. The knees are double jointed allowing it to kneel down.
All of the accessories that comes with the figure includes a pair of trigger finger hands & a grenade.

The wave/volume 2 will be Carter, Kat & Jorge. Expected to be release Jan 2011.


Size comparison with War machine.


I'm somewhat disappointed with Emile's QC. Among which is the ball joint on the hip is loose & oil smudges, from molding proses (& a lot of em), can be seen on his right leg.
All figure also comes with back art with the word "Kai".

Apart from the QC hiccups on Emile, the figure is still awesome. It still stands & poses very well.

Halo Angels (?)

A friend wondered if the Play Arts would fit the McFarlene's Warthog.
There you go.


  1. wow! I didn't know they are these beautiful!!! Congrats!

  2. marvelous haul bro, and also nice pic !!

  3. very nice n superb pics..also the action fig..must learn from u ;) nice score bro

  4. @kown : Trimas. We learn together-gether.
    @hans : So far only 1 vote, & we know whose.

  5. Great photos!..can I ask what camera and lighting you're using?

  6. Thnks Anth.
    I'm using a Nikon D60 with flashlight pointing up (bounce).
    The aperture & shutter speed is a trial & error.

  7. uiii...aku terlopeh set ni...huuu