Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has finally hit Malaysian shores.
It is considered to be a big event with local tv station making live coverage of the launch. The launch was organised by one of the local telco, Maxis, which offers the iPhone at a 'subsidised' price along with its call plans.

The launching was on the 23rd Sept and I only manage to book for the 2nd day of the launch which is on the 24th.
I must say, the organiser made a boo-boo by reducing the sales counter which resulted in customers waiting for their iPhone up to the wee hours of the morning.
Despite the weariness, people still wait to get their hands on the merchandise.

It was worth the wait.

The phone is quite hefty due to the glass at the front and back, which is a fingerprint magnet by the way.

The box doesn't come with the manual but instead a brief startup intro & safety warning booklet.
Here's the content (from top left) :
- earphone with remote & mic
- USB power adapter
- startup booklet with 2 Apple logo stickers
- micro sim ejector pin
- iPhone 4
- dock connector to USB cable

It doesn't come with the free bumper though. This is due to the updated software/firmware & that the phone is a new improved batch. So they say.

Me old & current sim cut to size.

The respective owners were given a choice whether to obtain a new micro sim card or keep our existing sim card, with our existing contact etc, & have them cut to micro sim size.
Since it was already 3.00 in the morning, I opted for the cut. *snip *snip

The booklets.

I've always interested on the iPhone meaning to get one ever since the 1st gen was released years ago. What deterred me was the price.
One minor gripe that I have for the iPhone it requires the use of proprietary software in most of its content. From the use of iTune to the format for the ringtones.
I guess it is necessary to maintain its uniqueness & preventing the iPhone from breaking down.

I must say that I am now a proud owner of one of the best invention in the world.
After French toast of course.


  1. and before french toast is? haha :P

  2. no wonder yesterday i saw u keep answering phone in the crowded place...hahahahahah

  3. @ shaz :
    The wheel of course. Hot Wheels, that is. Hihihi.

    @ cowboy75 :
    Are you stalking me!!!

  4. Congrats! there's no Iphone 4 without the original Iphone, so I'm still the proud owner of the original Iphone! :D

  5. Odd how I never craved for one. I saw one on display but I was not wow'd by it like it did back then. I guess it's because I owned an iPod Touch so the wow factor was lost on me.