Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Wheels Monster Jam - USAF Afterburner

I got frustrated looking at blogs & forums seeing people getting Ecto's & THunt/$ Cameros, that I went out to hunt.

It was a disappointment.

Until I came across this bad boy at Giant KJaya.
I don't collect Monster Jam, but me likey this one.
Its the USAF Afterburner.

FYI, it is based on the live event & tv show at the US.
All cars (if I'm not mistaken) are all licensed cars or trucks.

I chose this 'cause I like the decals on the truck, & its USAF.

The tyres are rubber.

The axles swivel for going over 'rough terrain'.

Really dig the decals.

Engine detail.

- "Did you run over somethin' "
- "Uh........nope. Don't think so"

I'm scared.
Scared that I might be poison.........


  1. Hmm...might get a 'Gravedigger' to bury the car next.

  2. batman, boneshaker, superman and ninja turtle MJ is quite nice actually. :)

  3. Yup, those are a must have, I saw the superman monster jam at parkson the mall