Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Godfather : The Coppola Restoration

'I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.'

They made me an offer, & I took it.

Movie buff must at least seen this movies once in their lifetime. If not all, then The Godfather should do.
Set in post WWII, the Carleone family one of the most powerful criminal organization.
Loyalty, betrayal and revenge plays through out the movie. Its an epic film by an epic director.

Includes 4 dics :-
- The Godfather
- The Godfather II
- The Godfather III
- Supplements

Both The Godfather I & II received Oscar's Best Picture. The Godfather III only receive nominations.
Most people don't like the 3rd movie, & this is reflected by Paramount releasing the Sapphire Edition for The Godfather I & II. The only different with this one is the lack of extra supplement.

The booklet included.

Video, audio and supplements got a top notch rating. The 60% off from the original price makes this an offer you can't refuse.


  1. This is COOL bro! Amazon's havin some kind of sale rite now kan? I bought some DVDs (plus one blu-ray) recently frm them too...was pretty cheap!

    *Godfather rules...'I can speak da English....Maunday...Toosday..." LOL!*

  2. Holy crash it is! Should jump in the bandwagon, saruman.

    To me, Amazon always having a sale. Worth the buy, & the wait, especially knowing you can get it cheap & you're are the only few that have it.

    I'll go to to see the reviews & the current market price b4 deciding to buy or not.